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Our Programs

Wealth Building
  1. ​Educating our future generation, CEO’s, CFO’s Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Parents on the journey to having a sound financial future. 

    • Conducting the eight to twelve week courses for the seminars titled a Financial Future for a Generation of tomorrow.

    • Giving them practical real life simulations.

  2. Building awareness of the pit falls of poor financial management.

    • Education on credit bureaus and Fico scores 

    • Education on the effects of bankruptcy both chapter 7 and 13.

  3. Training our future generation on the financial predators that await them in the real world.

    • Retailers discounts offered on applying for credit, high finance charges

    • Knowing what you want to buy and doing your home work before making the journey to the car lot, college, apartment. (before you sign your name)

  4. Helping parents help their children to be better financial managers.  

    • Getting the parent involved by soliciting their help with weekly surveys that must be signed off by both the student and the parent to ensure their involvement.

    • Offering a similar program to parents that need to be credit smart.  

  5. Birthing Entrepreneurs 

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